Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate is a treatment sheet against sunlight and ultraviolet radiation that has many uses both in engineering and in other life matters such as

External Uses:

1-Buildings externally as roofs for playgrounds and swimming pools (sky light)

2- In the windows substitute for glass,

3- As umbrellas for projects externally and can be used as a dome to cover something, 4 – can make engineering formations through which such as the formation of a pyramid in an external arena

5- In the field of displaying billboards

Internal uses:

1 – Design and construction area can be used for doors or as covers for lanterns and lighting equipment

2- They are also used as insulators in electrical panels,

3- They are also used as partitions for the division of hospitals, banks, companies and offices.

It has many uses in design and construction both externally and internally

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